Crime in Early Modern Britain: Selected Sources

A small collection of primary sources drawn from my research files. Focuses on Wales at present, with some materials from northern England.

Wales and the Law


Court of Great Sessions in Wales: the gaolfiles

Crime in print

An English view of Welsh lawlessness, early sixteenth century

The murder of Grace Jones, 1671 (Monmouthshire)

The murder of William Powell of Glanareth, 1770 (Carmarthenshire)

Cases in court records and manuscripts

Edward Mason, manslaughter of Lewis Rowland, 1785 (Cardiganshire)

Maria Morris, infanticide, 1795 (Carmarthenshire)

Ithell Jones, housebreaking and theft, 1684 (Denbighshire)

James Fewtrall, theft from a shop, 1688 (Denbighshire)

Anne Locker, theft of sheets, 1709 (Denbighshire)

Judith Evans, theft of cheese, 1764 (Montgomeryshire)

Samuel Jones, sheep stealing, 1795 (Carmarthenshire)

Women's thefts, late 18th century (Carmarthen and Swansea)

George Frost, seditious libel, 1687 (Denbighshire)

Francis ap Humphrey, slander, 1681 (Denbigshire)

'Sacheverell' riots (anti nonconformist), 1710 (Denbighshire)

Trial of William Owen, smuggler, for murder, 1747 (Carmarthenshire)

Cheshire Documents

Images and transcripts of documents from the Cheshire Court of Great Sessions

Peter Deane and William Davenport, assault, 1678

Death of Francis Wood, 1659

Two petitions to the judges, 1648

Prisoners on trial

The ravages of time: damaged and illegible documents

Printed Pamphlets

Hanging not punishment enough (1701)