James Fewtrall: theft from a shop

Denbighshire 1688

NLW Great Sessions gaolfiles 4/33/7
73-74: Examinations before Edward Brereton JP, 17 January 1687/8

[Mary Contarine of Holt, shopkeeper, sworn]... saith that upon Wednesday last being ye 11th day of this instant January; one James Fewtrall a youth of ye age of 16en yeares or thereabouts; came to ye said Mary's shop & asked her if shee saw a strange pedler woman named Mary Cole Fox; ye said Mary Contarine answered shee saw n one but ye said James staid in ye shop whilest ye said Mary did suply another boy yt was in ye shop with what he wanted & when shee had done, both ye said James Fewtrall & ye other boy went out together & ye said Mary did shutt ye lower part of ye shop dore & went in to her house, then shortly after came a man & knock'd at ye shop dore, ye said Mary then came to ye shop againe & findeing ye box wherein shee kept & usd to putt her money in; which shee received for her goods shee sold; upon ye counter (which box shee had left in a desk beyond ye counter with other boxes; when shee went out of shope) shee was somewhat amazed at it, & lookeing into ye said box shee found yt shee had lost money out of it & a gold ring which ye said Mary had in ye box; but what money shee lost out of it shee knows not; but thinks about 3 or 4s & further saith yt ye ring yt was sold by ye said Fewtrall to John Cook of Wrexham, grocer & shewed her by ye constable yt apprehended ye said Fewtrall; is ye same ring yt shee lost out her box... [autograph]

[James Fewtrall]... confesseth & saith that he did, upon Wednesday last being ye 11th of this instant January feloniously take and steale out of a box of Mary Conterine of Holt shopkeeper the summe of 3s in money & a gold ring which ring he sold to one John Cooke of Wrexham grocer for 3d... [mark]

[John Cook of Wrexham, mercer]... saith that one James Fewtrall (a youth of ye age of sixteene yeares or thereabouts) came to his shop in Wrexham aforesaid upon Thursday last being ye 12th day of this instant January, about seaven a clock at night; and brought with him a small ring & asked the said John Cooke what it was; & ye said John Cooke answered, that he could not well tell what it was, but that it was brass for ought he knew; the said James Fewtrall ask'd him what he would give him for ye said ring; ye said John Cooke tould him; he would give him two pence for it lett it be what it would; but ye said James refusd to accept of two pence for it, then ye said John said he would give him threepence for it & would not give him a farthing more, if he had a thousand pounds in his pocket, & for threepence ye said John Cooke bought ye said ring, but before he bought it; he asked ye said James where he gott the ring & he said he found it in ye streete, but within a small while after the said James came againe to ye said John Cooks house & said yt ye ring was his ant Mary Maxfeilds... [autograph]

Indictment: 4/33/7.87
James Fewtrall of Wrexham, yeoman; 11 January 1688 at Holt; feloniously stole a gold ring (value 6d) and 3s. in money of Mary Contarine;
Found guilty, reduced value (6d), sentenced to whipping (4/33/7.85, 4/33/7.93)